Alan’s presentation at the Boulder Bookstore was to a packed house.

Alan O’Hashi – Executive Director and Producer Boulder Community Media (BCM) Alan and BCM work with community-based media producers, organizations, and socially-responsible businesses to develop their content via – the written word, electronic, and new media, the visual and performing arts in a culturally competent manner.

He’s been involved with community-based journalism and storytelling since he wrote an article in his Carey Junior High School newspaper, The Tumbleweed. Over the years, he realized that after being socialized to be the “Model Minority” he uses his ability to straddle two worlds to tell stories about marginalized people and communities. Alan is a successful movie maker, but he changed his workflow and now writes books.

Beyond Heart Mountain was released by Winter Goose Publishing in February 2022. It is about his life in Wyoming having experienced overt and quiet racism following World War II.

True Stories of an Aging Do-Gooder: How cohousing bridges cultural divides was self-published in 2021. The book is a memoir about rising from his deathbed and being supported by his cohousing community.

The Zen of Writing with Imperfection and Confidence was self-published in 2020 and recounts Alan’s evolution as a starving artist following two job layoffs in four years.

Electric Vehicle Anxiety and Advice is a memoir and travelogue written in real time between May 16 to July 2, 2022. I took three road trips in my Nissan Leaf totaling 2,600 miles around Wyoming.

Beyond the Bed Pan (Working Title) is Alan’s latest memoir in progress, which is a memoir based on Alan’s experience with the medical and health care systems over his 69 years of life.

Libby Flats is Alan’s first stab at fiction. The tag line: Old friends think they grow up but learn from each other there are more and more reasons to keep on living.

Alan and BCM have produced and directed:

* Aging Gratefully series about intentional community living (Foundation for Intentional Communities 2020).

            The Power of Community

            Reimagining the American Way

            The Power of Good Neighbors and Good Health

            The Power of Culture and Diversity

            COVID-19, Catharsis and Community

* Beyond Heart Mountain is based on the book of the same name and about his life in Wyoming following World War II. (PBS 2021).

* Beyond Sand Creek about Arapaho tribal efforts to regain traditional homelands in Boulder, Colorado (PBS 2022).

* Dutch Hop! About a dying Volga German dance form that is practiced in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. (PBS 2020).

The featured image is of Alan’s paternal Grandfather Toichi “George” Ohashi posing at a pool table in Alaska, circa 1900.